2017 Tax Refund Schedule – When to Expect A Refund?

January brings New Year celebration with it but once all the parties are over, you have to come back to reality and think about something serious which is your TAX!

Whether you like it or not, you have to complete the tax return filing each year and there are some changes that you have to deal with each time. However, you have to carefully see if any of these changes are affecting your tax return. Before it is time to complete the tax return, you must make sure all the paperwork is ready and organized. It is recommended to make the photocopy of all the papers that you submit. It is extremely important to file the tax return by the due date; otherwise, you may end up paying extra fees and interest.

After filing the tax, the thing that we wait for is the 2017 Tax Refund Schedule. You will be glad to know that as of January 23, you can receive the tax return refund within a few weeks of the submission. Have a look at the table below to check your 2017 tax refund schedule, based on the date of submission.

Tax Return Submitted

Direct Deposit Sent to Bank Paper Check Mail Received

January 23 & 28

February 03

February 06

January 29 & February 04

February 10

February 12

February 05 & February 11

February 17

February 21

February 12 & February 18 February 24

February 27


By examining this 2017 tax refund schedule, we hope you know have the clear understanding of how it works.

You will see different versions of the 2017 tax refund schedule across different websites. Some of these dates are just guest estimates. You must remember one thing. Each tax payer has a different situation and hence it can be hard to predict when you will get the tax refund.  The IRS refund calendar of the past year may give you a rough idea of the refund, but it is always going to be a mystery when you will actually receive the refund.

Apart from the 2017 tax refund schedule, there are some questions about tax return that bother people and they don’t know how to address them. Let’s take a look at them:

When to file the Tax Return?

You don’t really have to follow the 2017 tax refund schedule for this purpose. The tax filling season has already begun. It started on January 23, 2017, so if you haven’t filled yet, get the paperwork together as soon as possible.

When is the Tax usually Due?

There is always a deadline for completing the tax return and it’s April 18, 2017. You may be entitled to get tax extension in certain conditions.

What are the options to file for Tax Return?

There are lots of different options for filling and completing the tax return. Let’s have a look at them:2017 Tax Refund Schedule, When to Expect A Refund 2017

  1. The first one is the oldest methods of all. That is to complete the paperwork and mail it.
  2. You can submit the tax electronically too using the software provided by IRS. You will get two forms here. The first one is for those who earned $64,000 or less in 2016 and the second one for those who earned more than $64,000.

IRS makes us stick to the general statement that the “tax refund will arrive within 21 days” so don’t stress yourself with a particular 2017 tax refund schedule. Just wait for the good.

So IRS have set up the time When To Expect Tax Refund 2017. Sometimes 21 days after filing the tax return.

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