Federal Tax Return Due Date 2017 – Don’t Miss Out!!

It is that time of the year again and we are all getting ready for probably the biggest tax collection and refund exercise yet. With millions of people submitting their tax returns, the activity is certainly worthy of national attention. Knowing all about is extremely important for any taxpayer and if you are one of those people then you have come to the right place. Knowing the federal tax return due date 2017 and all that is related to it is a key part of ensuring timely submission of your taxes. We have created this small informational post to provide you with all the information that you need to smoothly submit your tax returns.

Initial Timeline

For the taxes to be submitted for the year 2016, the starting date has already passed at the end of the January. This means that if you haven’t already submitted your tax returns, the IRS is collecting them right now. The federal tax return due date 2017 is set to be 18th of April. The original federal tax return due date 2017 was set to be on 15th of April but was extended to the next week. This is still a relatively achievable date as you still have about 2 months to go before the initial time has lapsed.

Filing For An Extension

There can be a million reasons why anyone could be requiring an extension for their tax returns submission. The IRS is well aware of that and they allow people to apply for extensions. Applying for an extension in the federal tax return due date 2017 will require you to wait till the mid of March. The applications for extension will be received by the IRS after that time and the exact opening date will be provided by the IRS near that time. If you think that you should file for an extension and want to submit your tax returns later, you need to keep a reminder on your calendar. Forgetting to do so could cause a delay that you may not want to face. For those who have successfully applied for an extension, the federal tax return due date 2017 will be 16th of October.

Claiming For Refunds

The time that IRS will provide you with a refund against your returns is dependent on how you intend to follow the federal tax return due date 2017. If you are one of those people who try to be vigilant about their tax returns submission then you have probably submitted it already by 23rd of January. This means you should already have received your refund. For direct deposits, the refund should arrive by 6th of February and for receiving via mail it should have happened by 13th of February. If you have submitted your tax returns after the initial date then you can simply calculate it by adding two weeks to your submission date. Since the processing happens on Mondays, you can push your submission date to the coming Monday and calculate from there.

You can also find more details about e-filing your tax returns on the IRS website as well to find out the most convenient route for yourself.

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