How To Set up customers in QuickBooks Online a Complete Guidance

Setting up customers in QuickBooks Online is very important to carry out the business smoothly and efficiently. By setting up the customers, you can get the following benefits.

  • It makes creating invoices easier as all of the details are automatically filled from their profiles
  • Efficiently track the sales of the customers for a more targeted marketing

How To Setting Up Customers In QuickBooks Online

Step 1quickbooks step 1

On the left menu bar navigate to the customer’s field to add customers.

Step 2 – How To Add a new Customer

Setting Up Customers in QuickBooks Online, How to Add new Customer In QuickBooks Online, Customer Setting in QuickBooks Online

Click on the blue customer’s button in the right menu to add a new customer.


Step 3 – Entering Customer Information

This is the set-off fields where you have to add the information about the customer.

Setting Up Customers in QuickBooks Online, How to Add new Customer In QuickBooks Online, Customer Setting in QuickBooks Online

The fields in this section are explained below

  1. First & Last Name – This information is for the individual customers. The names are shown on all the related forms like the invoices.
  2. Company – This is for the commercial clients. This information also appears on all the invoices and forms concerning the client in question.
  3. Display name as – This is how the name of the customer appears on the list of customers in your QuickBooks account. It populates automatically according to the information of the customer you have entered and you can also select a custom name.
  4. Print on check as– If you have to pay a check to the customer, this is how the payee’s name appears on the check.
  5. Address – this is where you enter the billing address of the customer. The billing invoices will be sent to this address.
  6. Shipping address –This is the address where your products ship to the customer. It is the billing address by default but you can choose another address too.
  7. Email – If you choose to send the invoices by email, the invoices will be sent to this email address.
  8. Phone/Mobile/Fax– This is where you enter the contact numbers of the customers for reference.

Step 4 – setting up Payment and Billing Info

quickbooks step 4

  1. Preferred payment method – you can select the payment method your customer prefers to pay you. If it is a credit card, you can save the information to a file for future use.
  2. Preferred delivery method – This is where you set up how the invoices are sent to the customer. The options are by email and by mail.
  3. Payment Terms – If you want to edit the default payment terms for the customers, this is where you do it.
  4. Opening balance – Here you can enter the outstanding balance of a client. This field is useful if you have shifted from some other bookkeeping platform. The balance will be shifted here and will be adjusted in the upcoming invoices. 

Step 5 – Other Customer’s Info

quickbooks step 5

Additional information about the customer like taxing details and notes can be added here.

Step 6 – Review Customer Set Up

After all the steps, the customer info will appear summed up so that you can review it before finally saving it up.


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