2016 – Top 10 Accounting & Bookkeeping Blogs

When I was a student, It was really hard to search out perceptive information about Accounting and Bookkeeping.  May be you are looking updated and perceptive information or May be you want know how to start new accounting business or accounting & Bookkeeping firm. You are lucky that you are visiting Bookkeeping Online is The real information source.

Base on my knowledge and my 10 years experience in the field of Accounting, Bookkeeping and taxes. I have develop a list of Top 10 Accounting & Bookkeeping blogs for year of  2016. I am sure this list will help you & advise you how to start up or boost your own Accounting & Bookkeeping Business.

Top 10 Accounting & Bookkeeping Blogs  2016


Accountex Report

2016 Accountex Report logo

Editor/Writer: Chris Horner
Recently Accountex Report Primary writer Chris Horner has posted the new top Xero Truly Automates PayPal and Stripe Payments?  Chris have written about the recently released the 25th version of QuickBooks.  He has explain the all new features in the new version and how QuickBooks Developer team over the me bugs an issues that customers are facing whey they are using. Accountex Report is not only writing about Accounting or Quickbooks. They are also writing about technical information about marketing and technical support. They are also writing about Xero, Wave Accounting App and there are lot of more information about Tax Returns 2016. You can visit the Acountex Report for further information


The Accounting Onion


Top 10 Accounting & Bookkeeping blogs

I just visited The Accounting Onion  and i have looked the recent post Is “Accounting” Really Accounting?This is my favorite one. There are few technical terms that are misleading perversions of plain English. Some time technical terms create confusion. Some thing About the Blog, Accounting Onion basically dealing with  financial reporting and complex issues that are affecting the public companies. Accounting Onion is source of information that tell us How to do the things.


Tax Pro Center – Intuit ProConnect


Tax Procenter Intuit

Editor/Primary Writer: Tax Pro Center Team
My Favorite Artilce: New IRS  Identity Authentication and ID Theft Protection Guidelines
Identity theft is increasing day by day. If we go back 10 years, when i have only one client about this issue but now a days, I have dozen. In 2016, IRS started a campaign Protect Your Clients: Protect Yourself  to cover all all these issues. It required couple of things like strong password, 60-90 days password changing rules and like that few more are there. Now IRS working slightly different ways and I am sure next time no more victims  of this dreadful crime.

Tax Pro Center Blog is helping the professionals to seek the knowledge about Taxes, facing issues in return submissions and other things. its free source of information about taxes. Tax Pro Center is all about Tax Returns, Law, news & Updates.


Accounting Web

Editor/Primary Writer: Seth Fineberg

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